81 percent of U.S. Americans have a social media profile.

Are you reaching these potential customers?

Hi! My name is Thea.

I help small businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profits reach their target audience through the most powerful marketing tool that exist right now – social media.

I know every business is different, so I offer a range of services – from full-service social media management where I take care of everything related to social media for you, to one-time consultations or audits where we create a strategy for you to implement.

Email below for more information or to set up a call to discuss what I can do to bring in more business for you. Or, scroll down to learn more about how I can help you with your social media goals or to learn more about me.

Use the form below and let’s discuss your social media strategy.

How I can help your business using social media.

From creating your social media posts (writing the text, creating the graphics, and making the videos).

To content curation (finding the best material from around the web) with an eye for organic (not relying on ads) growth…

To using the latest social media advertisement techniques to get more people in the door or on your website.

To simply maintaining an online presence by posting content written or inspired by you (or in the case of the non-profit below, using social media to get attendance for local events).

And lastly, to daily monitoring of accounts and responding to comment and direct messages – I’ve got you covered. We work together to figure out what kind of social media management your business needs to succeed.

And of course I don’t just help people with Facebook, I also do social media management and consulting for Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest too.

Our goal could be to try to reach as many people as possible, or a more targeted approach, like below, which focuses on quality not quantity.

About Thea.

I’m an Xennials – not quite a Gen-Xer, and not quite a Millennial. I remember a time before everyone had a computer, but I also have an intuitive understand of internet marketing – I coded my first website at age 14, and was promoting my parent’s retail store on MySpace a decade ago. I’ve been doing Social Media Marketing for a decade, and I love it!

I work with people all over the globe, but I was born and raised in the Northeast Los Angeles area. I grew up in Highland Park, ran a business in Eagle Rock, and I am now living in Pasadena, California.

As a third-generation entrepreneur, I’m passionate about helping small businesses succeed. Whether that’s taking time-consuming social media of your very busy to-do list, or turning around a disappointing social media account to one that’s bringing in the customers.

Use the form below and let’s discuss your social media strategy.