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81 percent of U.S. Americans have a social media profile.

Are you reaching these potential customers?

Hi! My name is Thea.

I help small businesses and non-profits reach their target audience through the most powerful marketing tools that exist right now – social media.

I’ve been using social media for business for a decade, since promoting my parent’s yarn store on Myspace. Back then social media was just this new weird thing that kids do.

I’ve been helping businesses with their social media ever since because I have an intuitive understand of how everyday people use social media and what creates a successful social media presence.

I’ve grown a Facebook page from 0 to 13,000 Likes without paying for Like ads, a Twitter account of 5,000 with followers who actually engage and respond to tweets, and a recent Facebook event for a small non-profit client of mine had 263 people RSVP.

I work with people all over the globe, but I was born and raised in the Northeast Los Angeles area. I grew up in Highland Park, ran a business in Eagle Rock, and I am now living in Pasadena.

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